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"Our high expectations of the new KOKS vacuum truck have been massively exceeded!"

Customer case - Daly Environmental Services (DES) - Ireland

daly environmental services customer case koks

Daly Environmental Services customer story

Ian Daly is CEO and owner of Daly Environmental Services (DES), an Irish company providing tank and drain cleaning services to the pharmaceutical industry, (waste) water companies and petrochemicals. DES has been doing business with KOKS for over two years and the most recent purchase is an EcoVac vacuum truck.


Ian Daly: “Our fleet had to be expanded with a multifunctional machine, which also had to meet all of ESH's strict safety requirements.” (ESH: Environment, Health and Safety).

customer case daly environmental services ian daly

''Our high expectations of the new KOKS vacuum truck have been massively exceeded! KOKS has taken our requirements seriously from the very outset and implemented these in a very professional way. The result is a multifunctional machine which meets all strict safety requirements.''

Experience with KOKS

In close cooperation with customer Daly, in which our account manager Sander Vleugel took the lead, all specific desires were discussed and included in the design. By the time the outline was complete, this had to be well thought out in terms of planning and construction. 


Ian Daly: “Our requirements have been taken seriously from the start and implemented very professionally. During construction, we remained involved and witnessed the accurate, high-quality construction. Even after construction and delivery, the service will be carried out neatly and intensively.”


customer case daly ireland experience with koks
customer case daly ireland tank cleaning drain cleaning koks vacuum truck

Specialist in tank and drain cleaning

Daly Environmental Services (DES) is a reputable Irish company, providing tank and drain cleaning services for, among others, the pharmaceutical industry, (waste) water companies and the petrochemical industry. Sludge removal and hydro cleaning are also part of their activities.


Daly is focused on customer service, health and safety. With an extensive fleet of specialized equipment, customers receive an affordable, professional solution to their cleaning problem and are assured of the best attention and service.


... and that for over 25 years!

Meeting the Daly, ESH and KOKS requirements

Ian Daly: “Our fleet had to be expanded with a multifunctional machine, which also had to meet all of ESH's strict safety requirements.” (ESH: Environment, Health and Safety). 


“Our new KOKS EcoVac vacuum truck fits in perfectly with the changing activities, offers variation in terms of pumps, provides excellent loading and discharging capacities and is equipped with an additional option for high pressure operations. In order to be able to carry out the jobs more safely and easily, some special facilities have been added, which have exceeded our expectations in every respect” says Ian Daly.

customer case daly ireland requirements daly esh koks
customer case daly ireland multifunctional koks ecovac vacuum truck

Multifunctional KOKS EcoVac vacuum truck


In order to be available 24/7 for customers in Ireland, Daly not only wants to have qualified and experienced employees, but is also keen on deployment of certified and specialized equipment.


This multifunctional KOKS EcoVac fits perfectly into that picture! This vacuum truck is manufactured at KOKS in Alkmaar, the Netherlands.


In addition to the desires and requirements described earlier, this EcoVac vacuum truck for Daly is of course also ADR approved, equipped with a high-pressure kit and extra storage space.


... "All in all a wonderful acquisition for many years of job satisfaction!"

Pleasant cooperation results in a suitable product

We sense that a pleasant cooperation results in a multifunctional and safe vacuum truck, which fits perfectly into the fleet and activities of our customer Daly. We are proud of that and we would like to continue that in the future!

daly environmental services vacuum tanker koks

About Daly Environmental Services

Company: Daly Environmental Services

Location: Cork, Ireland

Type of operations: Industrial cleaning

  • Tank cleaning;
  • Drain cleaning;
  • Sludge removal;
  • Hydro cleaning;
  • Hazardous waste processing.

KOKS equipment

  • KOKS EcoVac (ADR design)


Daly Environmental Services and KOKS have been working together for several years. 

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