"No other brand of vacuum truck than KOKS for us. Highly recommended for every fleet!"

Customer case - Uni-Recycling - Romania

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Customer story of Uni-Recycling


Radu Constantin has been technical director of Uni-Recycling since 2014. This Romanian company was founded in 2005 by environmentalists with a mission and is now recognized worldwide as a reliable partner for services and projects in the field of environmental protection. Uni-Recycling has been doing business with KOKS since 2016 and the most recent purchases are an EcoVac vacuum truck and a CycloVac air displacement unit.


Radu Constantin: “As a company, we solve the most complex environmental problems and thus invest in the most advanced technologies, for the safety of our experts and customers and for minimal environmental impact."

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''During my working visits to the Netherlands and the KOKS factory, I noticed that these vacuum trucks work productively and efficiently. However, after using KOKS vehicles ourselves in the field, I can honestly say that these are the best on the market in every respect!”

Experience with KOKS


Radu Constantin: “In my contacts with the KOKS sales team, the impressions were good and the information convincing. But, that should all come true in practice, which actually that happened. With these machines we are able to do even more work than expected, both in terms of speed and the many deployment possibilities. And, as promised, the equipment is also very easy to use and to maintain.”


“In order to achieve our goals, we work closely with several reputable companies to integrate their products into our solutions and thus meet the requirements of the market and fulfil our concern for the environment. And the KOKS products fit that picture perfectly”, says Radu Constantin.

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Specialist in recycling for a greener planet


Uni-Recycling offers services and tailor-made solutions for all kinds of environmental problems, with a particular focus on recycling waste and protecting natural resources.


In the event of incidents, Uni-Recycling is able to rapidly mobilize large teams of international experts and equipment to minimize the environmental impact of such a situation, anywhere in the world.


“Our policy revolves about customer satisfaction by offering top quality integrated environmental services. And that means always racing against the clock and looking for the best and most efficient solution for our customers to protect communities, factories, work force and the environment,” says Radu Constantin.

Efficiency increases with KOKS vacuum equipment


Radu Constantin: “To be honest, I did not expect these KOKS machines to be so productive and efficient. We really notice an increase in our efficiency! Our vacuum jobs are completed much faster and there is no longer any downtime and all associated costs.


We used to do a job such as active carbon exchange (partly) manually, with a large team in day and night shifts and with all kinds of aids. With the CycloVac we perform the full 36 m³ exchange in only 10 hours and the waste is neatly collected in big bags. Suction activities, such as vacuuming thick sludge, are also completed three times faster and with less manpower."

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Powerful KOKS equipment brings convenience and confidence


Radu Constantin: “A vacuum truck is powerful equipment and often complicated to work with. The advantage of KOKS vacuum trucks is that these are designed in such a way that every operator is able to operating these. Even people without experience in driving such a vehicle.


In addition, reliability is a real plus. With these trucks we are able to do any job for our customers. Whether it concerns cleaning or waste management ... only the set-up sometimes needs to be adjusted and the equipment does the rest."

Confidence and quality make brand expectations come true


Talking about the past and looking at the future, our esteemed customer lets us know that he would turn to KOKS for the next expansion of their fleet and would also advise others to do so. We can only glow with pride when we hear that there is no other brand for the customer than our KOKS brand, isn’t it?!

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About Uni-Recycling

Company: Uni-Recyling

Location: Bucharest, Romania

Type of operations: waste processing and industrial cleaning

  • Vacuum cleaning activities;
  • Calamity approach;
  • Suction activities;
  • Etc.

KOKS equipment


Uni-Recycling and KOKS have been working together since 2016.

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