A beautiful EcoVac for REYM Veendam

17 March 2021
Vacuum truck KOKS EcoVac delivered to REYM Veendam

Today we had the pleasure to deliver this beautiful KOKS EcoVac to REYM Veendam!


This brand new EcoVac vacuum truck is ADR and SIR certified. The vacuum truck is fully equipped with, among other things, closed hose boxes and a positive displacement pump for external pumping of liquids.


After an extensive training by KOKS Academy on the operation of the KOKS EcoVac vacuum truck, the vehicle can be deployed efficiently and effectively by REYM Veendam for various industrial cleaning activities. In this way, the operators are able to perform their work well prepared. 


We wish REYM Veendam a lot of job satisfaction with their new acquisition!


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