A brand-new compact ROM ADR VAC vacuum truck for AQ-Rent

24 March 2021
ROM ADR VAC vacuum truck for rental company AQ-Rent

A brand-new compact ROM ADR VAC vacuum truck for our rental company AQ-RENT!


A beautiful day to deliver this spanking new compact ROM ADR VAC vacuum truck, in cooperation with our subsidiary ROM bv, to our rental company AQ-Rent.


This compact vacuum truck has a 1.750 l vacuum tank and is equipped with a high pressure unit. Furthermore, this compact vacuum truck is fully ADR and SIR certified, making the ROM ADR VAC multifunctional for various industrial cleaning jobs, such as suctioning, discharging and transporting liquid substances, sludge, hazardous substances, combustible substances and (fuel) oils.


The ROM ADR VAC is extremely compact and maneuverable, enabling efficient cleaning in the most difficult to reach places on plants, refineries, but also in narrow city centers. KOKS wishes AQ-RENT the best of luck with and a lot of joy of renting out this gorgeous compact ADR vacuum truck!


Do you have any questions about the ROM ADR VAC or would you like to receive more information about the AQ-RENT rental possibilities? Please contact us through telephone number +31 (0) 72 540 6699.

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