A CycloVac Pro is ready to be shipped!

15 March 2021
air displacement unit koks cyclovac pro abis 220467 15 03 2021

Another KOKS CycloVac Pro is ready to be shipped to the Middle East!


This week we are pleased to make our highly valued customer Abdullah A. Al-Barrak & Sons Co. happy with a beautiful vehicle. The CycloVac Pro is an ADR approved air displacement unit and meets the highest safety requirements.


This CycloVac Pro will be used for all industrial activities at the largest refinery in Saudi Arabia for suctioning dry and wet substances. With the ADR certificate, this KOKS CycloVac Pro is also fully certified for vacuuming hazardous substances.


We wish our customer Abdullah A. Al-Barrak & Sons Co. many safe working hours with their powerful KOKS machines!


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