An excellent start of the week for AQ-Rent!

14 September 2021
KOKS sewer cleaning combi delivered to AQ-Rent

An excellent start of the week for rental company AQ-Rent!


Today we have the pleasure to deliver a compact KOKS sewer cleaning combi to AQ-Rent. This sludge-gulper is equipped with a stop and go function, enabling the user to drive from gully to gully. This makes emptying the gullies as efficient as possible. 


In addition, the gully sucker combi features a high pressure pump of 100 l/min at 200 bar. This pump feeds the unique swiveling reel, so pipes can be unblocked and/or pumping stations can be cleaned as easily as possible. 


All in all, a great machine, especially with the autumn and leaf fall ahead! 😉 We wish AQ-Rent a lot of success and fun renting out their new KOKS gully cleaning combi!


In case you have any questions about KOKS equipment and/or would like to receive more information, please contact the KOKS sales team at telephone number +31 (0)72 540 6699.

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