AQ-Rent adds a new hot water unit to their ever expanding rental fleet!

25 October 2021
Heating installation KOKS hot water unit delivered to AQ-Rent

AQ-Rent adds a new KOKS hot water unit to their ever expanding rental fleet!

The KOKS hot water unit is a compact 1300 kW unit built in a 20ft shipping container. This allows for easy transportation on a chassis/skeleton trailer. The installation could be used for heating water up to 95°C, under a pressure of up to 1.000 bar at 260 liters per minute. In combination with a high-pressure pump, the hot water unit speeds up the cleaning process, improves the cleaning result and saves the user a lot of time.

We wish AQ-Rent good luck with renting out this hot water unit!


In case you have any questions about KOKS equipment and/or would like to receive more information, please contact the KOKS sales team at telephone number +31 (0)72 540 6699.

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