AQ-Rent keep growing and the machines become bigger and bigger!

22 July 2021
KOKS EcoVac truck trailer combination for AQ-Rent

AQ-Rent keeps growing and the machines become bigger and bigger!


Today we were privileged to deliver this impressive KOKS ADR EcoVac trailer truck pressure/vacuum combination to rental company AQ-Rent. 


Due to the fact that the powerful vacuum pump (ATEX version) and the water tanks are fitted on the truck, this semi-trailer has the ideal weight distribution. The semi-trailer is equipped with a stainless steel AISI 316 grade tank with a volume of 27,000 l and is fully ADR and SIR certified. This unit can therefore be used as a powerful vacuum truck as well as for long-distance transport.


The KOKS EcoVac trailer truck combination has become a real eye-catcher! Therefore we are proud to have been awarded to deliver this attractive EcoVac trailer truck combination to AQ-Rent. Good luck on the rental of this articulated vehicle! 


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