AQ-Rent renting out two vehicles to IBKA

05 July 2019
KOKS AQ-Rent high pressure hot water unit ecovac combi vacuum truck IBKA

AQ-Rent is renting out these two splendid new vehicles to their customer IBKA.


One is a high-pressure hot water unit equipped with a Hammelman high-pressure pump and a760 kW Heater. With this pump they can work with 1000bar- 139lpm and 95°C with or 2 HP-guns or 1 multi-consumer and a tank cleaning machine. The second unit is an EcoVac high-pressure combi, which ofcourse is ADR and SIR certified. These two units will be delivered on site at their customer IBKA, in order to work with the units a training will also be provided on site in the United Kingdom. We wish IBKA lots of safe cleaning work with these splendid units!



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