CycloVac training for HCI

21 September 2020
training cyclovac koks academy


Recently we delivered a KOKS CycloVac SkyTipper to HCI Industrial Services BV for which we were allowed to give corresponding training.


Guaranteeing safety is a serious responsibility, requiring a targeted approach, extensive expertise and a lot of time. In order to guarantee the safest possible work situation for all HCI employees during industrial cleaning activities, KOKS Academy received a request from HCI Industrial Services to provide a product-oriented KOKS CycloVac training.


KOKS Academy, with its 30 years of experience and expertise, is willing to make the work safer and more efficient every day. Safety first… that is our mission!


Besides the knowledge transfer, above all it was a pleasant day with professional colleagues amongst themselves.


We wish HCI Industrial Services a lot of job satisfaction with the CycloVac SkyTipper, certainly a truck to show off!


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