First of the 4 EcoVacs ready!

08 October 2020
KOKS EcoVac vacuum truck for our new customer in Saudi Arabia

We are incredibly proud of the recent order for 4 KOKS EcoVacs from our new customer in Saudi Arabia. Today the first out of a series of four vacuum trucks will be shipped to Dammam, Saudi Arabia.


Despite their satisfaction with the quality of their previous supplier, it was KOKS Middle East who was asked and able to help the customer out when pressure was on. With a wide range of spare parts on stock and qualified mechanics we really make the difference and bring each vacuum truck back in business in no time. We do not only support our own customers, but we support whoever we can.


Exactly this cooperative attitude from our excellent KOKS Middle East team made the difference and it proves again the importance of our local presence. On to the delivery of the remaining 3 KOKS EcoVacs!

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