Innovative asset for Ormonde

05 April 2018
KOKS EcoSonic 3 ultrasonic cleaning vessel for Ormonde

Some weeks ago, our very loyal Czech customer Ormonde from Ostrava became the proud owner of a KOKS EcoSonic 3.

In this 3 m ultrasonic cleaning vessel, contaminated parts are being cleaned by means of ultrasonic waves. However it’s no new but a tried and true process, its industrial application in the industrial cleaning branch is increasing presently.

The fact that the ultrasonic cleaning method operates much more energy-efficient and much safer than the alternative technologies, is reason enough for Ormonde to take the lead in making industrial cleaning more sustainable in central Europe. Together with the supplied cleaning liquids, this ultrasonic unit is chiefly used for cleaning pumps, filters, Raschig rings and other small components being used in the oil and petrochemical industry.

In addition to the present cleaning activities, using their previously purchased KOKS EcoVac Combi, KOKS MegaVac and KOKS CycloVac air displacement units, this ultrasonic cleaning vessel is the perfect extension for an innovative company like Ormonde. We wish Ormonde a lot of success and job satisfaction with this innovation!

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