ISO - VCA audit passed with flying colors!

24 January 2022
KOKS Group ISO VCA Kiwa audit 2022

ISO - VCA audit passed with flying colors!


Last week we were subjected to our annual external audit and for three days we were questioned by two auditors from Kiwa. They visited locations in our working area and interviewed our employees about their activities, their reporting and working methods. 


After the audit we received the joyful news that we had successfully passed our quality, environmental (including CO2 reduction) and safety system. There were no findings at all and we are happy to get back to work with the recommendations we received. 


The auditors had noticed that we have a high degree of problem-solving capability. We identify bottlenecks, investigate what is needed and implement it. In this way we work continuously to improve the quality of our services and our competence. 


We are proud of the result and particularly proud of all our colleagues! 



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