Look at this EcoVac for VHC & ZMC shining!

24 April 2023
KOKS EcoVac vacuum truck delivered to Van Hamburg Cleaning & Zeeland Maritime Cleaning

Look at this KOKS EcoVac for Van Hamburg Cleaning & Zeeland Maritime Cleaning shining!


Our customer VHC & ZMC has just become the proud owner of this ADR and SIR certified KOKS EcoVac vacuum truck. Among other features, this vacuum truck is equipped with plenty of storage space, a 3,500m3/h liquid ring vacuum pump, K1/K2 vacuum system and many other ergonomic extras!


VHC & ZMC may use this magnificent vacuum truck for suctioning, pressing and transporting liquid substances, gasses and sludge. We wish the customer much safe working hours with their new KOKS EcoVac!

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