New CycloVac replaces old MegaVac from Küpers

29 October 2021
Suction truck with cyclone separator KOKS CycloVac delivered to Küpers

Küpers has replaced the old KOKS MegaVac by a new KOKS CycloVac ADR


Today the German company Küpers was eager to take delivery of their beautiful new KOKS CycloVac ADR. Our customer has already been working with a KOKS MegaVac and KOKS CycloVac.


As their MegaVac from 2003 needed to be replaced, there was of course the question what would be the best suitable replacement for most of their work. As they have experienced both generations of our suction machines, the choice was obvious. Also this time the decision was made to order another of our new generation KOKS CycloVac ADR with the patented automated self-cleaning cyclone technology.


The big advantages of the KOKS CycloVac are lower fuel consumption and lower downtime due to easy maintenance.


So, today the 18 year old KOKS MegaVac is allowed to retire, and replaced by a brand new KOKS CycloVac ADR. We wish the company Küpers and all their employees a lot of safe working hours and work please.


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