New website is live!

06 February 2019
Homepage of the new KOKS website

As the worldwide leading manufacturer of vacuum trucks and heavy industrial cleaning equipment, we considered the time ripe for a new KOKS website ( look. Consequently we have been very busy over the last few months with the design and construction of our new website.The entire look and feel of the KOKS website has been changed. Now it’s much fresher, modernized and especially more user-friendly.

This new website shows who we are, what we do, fits better with the innovative and contemporary products provided by us and offers complete information for the visitor who wants to learn more about the KOKS Group, our vacuum trucks and remaining industrial cleaning equipment.

A website purely aimed at our customers who are looking for compact information and complete solutions worldwide, in order to be able to clean industrially as safely and efficiently as possible. We are very happy to be live now and behind the scenes we keep on developing. This keeps our website up-to-date and interesting for you to visit frequently. We will continue improving it in the coming period and making the site available in German language. The end result fills us with pride!

Do you have questions about the KOKS products or would you like to receive more information? Please contact the KOKS sales team through telephone number +31 (0) 72 540 6699.

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