Our machines are moving all over the world!

23 June 2021
Yellow KOKS EcoVac vacuum truck delivered to Mashhor Waste Management in Brunei

Our machines are moving all over the world! 🌍 This KOKS EcoVac vacuum truck still has quite a journey ahead of it before it will be deployed.


Once again we were privileged to supply a beautiful KOKS EcoVac to Mashhor Waste Management Sdn Bhd in Brunei. This vehicle is equipped with the usual features like a liquid ring vacuum pump, a high pressure kit and ADR approval. One thing is certain: with its eye-catching appearance, this vacuum truck will not be easily overlooked in Brunei.


We thank Mashhor Waste Management Sdn Bhd for their confidence in our equipment and wish the operators many pleasant and safe working hours with this beautiful KOKS EcoVac! 🚛


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