Put the circular economy in turbo mode with a KOKS ultrasonic cleaning bath!

08 December 2021
KOKS ultrasonic cleaning bath

Put the circular economy in turbo mode with a KOKS ultrasonic cleaning bath!


Heavily soiled objects and components become like new!


Ultrasonic cleaning is a proven technique, which has been used for years in various markets, in order to clean and recycle components or objects. You will find ultrasonic systems almost everywhere. Both a jewelry store and a car company have ultrasonic cleaning devices for cleaning watches or engine blocks.  


At KOKS we have embraced this ultrasonic technique and scaled it up. Ultrasonic cleaning is now also accessible and applicable for various heavy industries. 


The KOKS ultrasonic baths are extremely suitable for cleaning heavily polluted industrial objects and components such as: heat exchangers, filter kits, scaffolding material, valves or flame extinguishers.


The major advantages of ultrasonic cleaning at a glance:
✅ Sustainable by creating less waste streams/substances;
✅ Cleaning parts/objects which cannot be cleaned in a conventional way, making them recyclable in the end;
✅ Increasing safety for operators and the environment;
✅ Reductions in production line downtime, as ultrasonic cleaning is often faster than conventional ways;
✅ Higher cleaning efficiency because ultrasonic technology has a much better and even distribution of cleaning power;
✅ Longer deployment time of cleaned parts/objects, due to the better cleaning efficiency. 


Did we manage to arouse your interest and would you like to know more about ultrasonic cleaning? Please contact us at +31 (0)72 540 66 99 or info@koks.com. We would be happy to investigate together with you into where ultrasonic cleaning could be interesting for you and what the possibilities are!

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