Rental company AQ-Rent has got a sewer combi!

05 October 2021
KOKS EcoVac Sewer Combi sewer cleaning truck delivered to rental company AQ-Rent

Rental company AQ-Rent has got a KOKS EcoVac Sewer Combi which can be viewed and admired this Thursday during the ROM Innovation Day!


Our sewer cleaning combination with its 5” extendable suction arm is the perfect machine for the sewer cleaning companies among us. With a 9m³ sludge tank and a 7m³ water tank, the combi can be used for the extraction and transport of liquid substances, fats and sludges. 


These tanks can be combined, creating a 16m³ flushing water tank! With the large high-pressure pump and various cleaning nozzles, this sewer combi is very suitable for flushing sewers, culverts and pipes.


We wish AQ-Rent every success with the rental of this KOKS EcoVac Sewer Combi!


In case you have any questions about KOKS equipment and/or would like to receive more information, please contact the KOKS sales team at telephone number +31 (0)72 540 6699.

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