This bright green gully emptier has been delivered to ROVA

16 November 2022
KOKS Gully Emptier delivered to ROVA

This bright green KOKS Gully Emptier has been delivered to ROVA! 

The gully emptier is equipped with a hydraulically extendable and 340˚ boom with a 1,400 mm telescopic tube. This also makes the truck suitable for reaching far away gullies. The body also comprises a sludge tank, a flushing/operating water tank, a water ring vacuum pump and a high-pressure pump.


What makes this gully cleaner extra special is its compact design. As a result, it fits on a short wheelbase and is very suitable for within urban areas. Finally, the truck is equipped with a 100 l/min high pressure pump with a swivelling high pressure hose reel on the left at an ideal working height for cleaning sewers. 

All this together makes this truck perfect for daily sewer cleaning work. We wish the ROVA team much working pleasure with their new KOKS Gully Emptier!

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