This magnificent high pressure hot water unit is delivered to REYM!

23 November 2021
KOKS high pressure hot water unit box truck delivered to REYM

This magnificent KOKS high pressure hot water unit was presented to REYM today!


The high pressure hot water unit is equipped with a 400 hp high pressure pump (139 l/min at 1,000 bar). The high pressure pump is driven by the powerful truck engine. Using the truck engine makes application of a superstructure engine superfluous, consequently creating space for placement of a hot water unit in the bodywork.


In combination with the hot water unit, this high pressure pump is capable of heating the water up to 95°C, guaranteeing optimal cleaning results! This unit is also multi-purpose for two guns use and/or one large consumer such as for instance a tank cleaning head. All in all this piece of equipment is a useful acquisition! 


We wish REYM a lot of job satisfaction with their new KOKS high pressure hot water unit! 


In case you have any questions about KOKS equipment and/or would like to receive more information, please contact the KOKS sales team at telephone number +31 (0)72 540 6699.

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