tank cleaning robot koks robotics demo support gulf region koks middle east saudi arabia 18 03 2022 homepage

Demo cleaning robot and KOKS support in the Gulf region

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vacuum truck koks ecovac inducat global technology services 221555 18 03 2022

The first EcoVac vacuum truck for Inducat Global Technology Services GmbH!

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vacuum truck koks ecovac mantank 221542 221543 17 03 2022

Not one but two EcoVac vacuum trucks delivered to Mantank!

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high pressure unit koks hdp502 peeters nederland bv 221581 15 03 2022

Another multifunctional high pressure unit has been delivered to Peeters

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sewer cleaning combi koks ecovac low pressure combi peeters nederland bv 221561 10 03 2022

The next truck for Peeters Nederland B.V. has also been put into operation!

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vacuum truck koks ecovac peeters nederlands bv 221551 08 03 2022

Again we had the pleasure to deliver an EcoVac vacuum truck to Peeters!

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heater koks hot water unit aq rent 221539 03 03 2022

This hot water unit was added to the AQ-Rent rental fleet!

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vacuum truck koks ecovac truck trailer combination teeuwissen 220445 221530 25 02 2022

This truck-trailer combination is delivered to Teeuwissen

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koks ultrasonics filter cartridges ultrasonic cleaning 23 02 2022 1

This is the way to apply ultrasonic cleaning in the petrochemical industry!

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service and maintenance koks group eric baas scotland 1

We can't emphasise enough how important (preventive) maintenance is!

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vacuum truck koks cyclovac pro vlasman 221544 18 02 2022

Storm or no storm: today we are delivering a CycloVac Pro to Vlasman B.V.!

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vacuum truck koks ecovac aq rent 221448 17 02 2022

Rental company AQ-rent has once again recevied a EcoVac vacuum truck!

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