Used vacuum trucks – Used ultrasonic vessels – Used high pressure hot water units for sale

Used KOKS units

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Do you want to buy an used truck? We regularly have various used trucks available. All our vehicles have been thoroughly tested, we do not offer them for sale until they have met our strict conditions. This way you can make carefree use of your used vacuum truck, used ultrasonic vessel and/or used high pressure hot water unit for all your industrial cleaning activities.

Our promises at used units:

 Service before delivery

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Would you like to know more about our used trucks or receive an investment proposal?

Are you interested in an used KOKS vehicle? We have a wide range of different types of cars. Contact us for our most current second-hand offer!

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Used vacuum trucks

Are you looking for an used KOKS EcoVac, KOKS EcoVac Combi, KOKS CycloVac Pro, KOKS MegaVac, KOKS MultiVac, or one of our other vacuum trucks? Check our current used car range to see if the suitable vacuum vehicle for all your industrial cleaning work is available.

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Used ultrasonic vessels

KOKS has several ultrasonic vessels with different measurements: KOKS Ecosonic 3, KOKS Ecosonic 7 and KOKS Ecosonic 9. An ultrasonic vessel in three different sizes for all your cleaning tasks. View our most current range of used ultrasonic vessels.

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Used high pressure hot water units

Find your used cleaning installation with hot water supply at KOKS. We produce various flushing water and high pressure installations: KOKS high pressure hot water unit, KOKS hot water unit for pumps with different operating pressures (1,000 / 140, 1,000 / 240 and 15/21) and the KOKS EcoVac Combi.

koks used 4000 occasions scrubber

Used scrubbers

The KOKS Mobile Gas Scrubber 4000 and KOKS Mobile Gas Scrubber 8000 (also called return vapor cleaners) are ideal for purifying released vapours and gases from the discharge of a pressure - vacuum truck. View our most current second hand scrubbers.

koks mobile storage container kokstainer

Used mobile storage containers

The KOKS Tainer is a mobile storage container for the temporary and safe storage of hazardous substances. Looking for a second-hand storage container? View our used KOKS Tainer here.

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Used no-man-entry robot

Interested in an used KOKS ESOT system? This robot installation takes over the work of a person during dangerous industrial tank cleaning, so that safety will be guaranteed.