Aquamat L 1500 Plus Titann

tankwaskop tank reiniging unit aquamat L 1500 Plus Titan hammelmann 00013290018

De Hammelmann AQUAMAT tankreinigingsunits verwijderen vuil en afzettingen van de binnen- en buitenwanden van tanks en vaten met verschillende diameters. De units werken uitsluitend op de kracht van de waterstraal. Hammelmann biedt een breed assortiment


  • Reduction of cost.

  • Undeniable improvement for health, safety, environment and cleaning quality.

  • Easy control.

  • Versatile and efficient due to different track plates.

  • Compact for access to small and confined entrances and spaces.

  • Complete robot made of stainless steel AISI 316 grade; material no. 1.4401.

  • Built according to the latest environmental and safety standards.

  • Can be controlled interchangeably with the SAPP and TVC (same connections).

  • Greater operational efficiency.

  • Able to work continuously, 24/7.

Designed and certified for:

  • operation in ATEX zone 0, 1G, IIB, T4 (robot).
  • international protection class IP68.


ADES EX-robot.
stainless steel AISI 316 grade; material no. 1.4401.
ATEX zone 0.
Max. range
100 m.
Traction force
….. N, measured on Fe plate, thickness 10 mm, covered in oil.
Speed in ATEX zone 0
….. m/min.
Submersible depth
….. mm.
Ambient temperature
-10°C to 50°C.
58 pieces, rubberized, sunken magnetic stainless steel track plates (antistatic NBR rubber).
Arm motion
45° in horizontal direction.
50° in vertical direction.
Arm force
1,100 Nm.

Dimensions robot

approx. 1,700 mm.
Width standard
approx. 430 mm.
Width extended
approx. 720 mm.
approx. 330 mm.
Height with elevated cameras
….. mm.
18”/450 mm.
approx. 250 kg.


image transfer system.
ATEX zone 0.
520 lines, analog.
integrated LED lighting, max. 235 lux.

Standard version

  • Narrow body, not extendable in width, suitable for 18”/450 mm manhole.
  • ATEX zone 0 certified.
  • Rubberized, sunken magnetic stainless steel track plates.
  • 3 cameras with lights mounted on the robot (hydraulically liftable). 
  • Fluidizing suction head with 4” camlock connection, incl. suction tip, model bikini.
  • Hydraulic quick coupling.

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