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Customer case -Climbex sp. z o.o. - Polen

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Customer story of Climbex sp. z o.o.



Piotr Stemporski is COO at Climbex S.A., a Polish company supporting its customers in the industrial sector in the production processes. In his search for powerful and reliable equipment for cleaning oil tanks, he ended up in the Netherlands… at KOKS. “We do everything we can to support our customers in choosing the best solution. We expect the same from our suppliers. That is why we were looking for a reliable, innovative and flexible supplier for our cleaning equipment”, says Piotr Stemporski.

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"We are happy with our investments in high-quality KOKS vacuum trucks. KOKS distinguishes itself because they are always developing and improving existing and new products. These are not always the cheapest, but the high quality and reliability more than makes up for this."

Experience with KOKS



Our KOKS account manager Mark Zwart regularly traveled to Poland to take a look at Climbex, to talk and to advise on what would best fit into our industrial cleaning activities, our current equipment, the users and the high safety requirements. Piotr Stemporski: “In addition to those contacts and the purchase of KOKS equipment, we are also very satisfied with the remote support. We have a regular contact for the purchase of parts and that works well. Support with our equipment from other suppliers is also never a problem. In the event of calamities or major jobs, KOKS thinks along constructively and acts quickly and adequately.”


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Specialist in cleaning of crude oil tanks


Climbex is an authority in the field of cleaning big crude oil tanks. On behalf of this they have three fully automated no-man-entry tank cleaning machines. These tanks measure 30,000 m³ - 160,000 m³.

Climbex uses a KOKS MegaVac to vacuum residual products from the tank. This vehicle is fully ADR certified and equipped with an ATEX vacuum pump. The MegaVac, with an air displacement of 8,000 m³/h, is powerful and strong enough to vacuum the heavy sludge, even over long distances when the vehicle is positioned far away from the oil tanks.

Partnership, quick action and flexibility


“After a fire in one of the largest power plant in Poland, we urgently needed an extra vehicle for a few months in order to perform cleaning activities. By acting quickly and due to the flexibility of KOKS, an extra KOKS MegaVac was available in Poland within 24 hours, after which we were operational. Partnership, flexibility and prompt action are very important qualities to Climbex,'' says Piotr Stemporski.

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Reliable and no downtime


Climbex had to perform a huge cleaning job at the largest power plant in Poland, where major maintenance and several big cleaning jobs had to be carried out simultaneously. Piotr Stemporski: “We had two KOKS MegaVacs running 24/7 for months on end. The machines only stopped to be refueled and lubricated. In those two months we haven’t experienced one moment of failure. Because costs will mount up in case a vehicle comes to a standstill, it’s a must for us to invest in high-quality equipment which we can count on at all times under all circumstances.”

ADR certified KOKS MegaVac


“With our latest acquisition, an ADR certified MegaVac truck with an air displacement of 8,000 m³/h and an ATEX vacuum pump, we didn’t select the cheapest solution. But it’s by far the best and strongest for safely and remotely suctioning residual product from crude oil storage tanks. And if, during a huge job, such a vehicle is running 24/7 for months without a moment of downtime, then it has been more than worth the investment”, says Piotr Stemporski.

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High-quality, reliable and safe equipment


We sense that quality, reliability and safety are also considered of paramount importance by our customer Climbex. And how great is it to learn that KOKS equipment is also preferred for a next purchase!

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Over Climbex

Bedrijf: Climbex sp. z o.o.

Locatie: Opole, Polen

Type werkzaamheden: Industriële reiniging

  • Olie tank reiniging;
  • Reinigingswerkzaamheden in de chemische en petrochemische industrie;
  • Reinigingswerkzaamheden op staalfabrieken;
  • Reinigingswerkzaamheden op energiecentrales en powerplants;
  • Reinigen van waterverwerkinginstallaties;
  • Reinigingswerkzaamheden in de levensmiddelen industrie.

KOKS Materieel 


Climbex sp. z o.o. en KOKS werken al 15 jaar samen. 

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