+31 (0)72 540 66 99

We are available until 05:00 PM


+31 (0)72 540 66 99

We are available until 05:00 PM

Immediately looking for vacuum trucks or industrial cleaning equipment to rent?

Rental of vacuum trucks and heavy industrial cleaning equipment

In need of temporary (extra) machines for all your industrial cleaning jobs? Choose our rental possibilities.
Maximum flexibility against a good price. You can rent:

Do you want to use (extra) machines? For example during busy periods of time, big project or if your own cleaning material is serviced. If you choose for renting you can determine the rental period yourself and you don’t have to worry about big investment costs.  

Want to rent immediately?

Would you like to rent immediately? Or do you have a question about our rental possibilities? Our specialists are happy to help you.

Rental of vacuum trucks and heavy industrial cleaning equipment

Since 2002 AQ-Rent is the solution for your requirements with regard to A-Quality and AdeQuate industrial rental equipment (short and long term rental). Because AQ-Rent works closely together with KOKS, you can get the advantages of innovative, high quality and equipment according to the latest safety standards.

As a growing, innovative and healthy business, AQ-Rent has gained an excellent reputation in the field of renting cleaning equipment within the petrochemical sector and other industries. AQ-Rent is not only a strong player on the Dutch market, but many customers all around Europe already use advanced AQ-Rent equipment in order to fulfil their jobs during daily activities, shutdowns or longer contracts.

Rental possibilities

The AQ-Rent rental fleet consists of over 60 machines. AQ-Rent offers the possibility to rent the equipment on a daily, weekly, monthly and/or yearly basis. At request, a custom-made rental proposal with the possibilities for every period of time will be submitted.

AQ-Rent vacuum truck rental KOKS CycloVac

Quick, professional and economical

At AQ-Rent, an experienced team is ready to provide you with all the knowledge to work safely and efficiently with the latest cleaning equipment.
If desired AQ-Rent can deliver or collect the equipment on site and give instruction to the operators. The 24/7 availability of AQ-Rent offers you the flexibility which you are looking for on behalf of the growth of your own business.

To put it briefly: in case you would like to rent AdeQuate and state of the art cleaning equipment, AQ-Rent will arrange everything... quickly, professionally and economically!

Benefits of renting at AQ-Rent

  • Partner in the field of adequate rental and bookings.
  • Offers high-quality, certified and reliable equipment.
  • Rents out equipment without operators, but with sufficient instruction.
  • Rents out machinery including insurance and maintenance.
  • Offers short-term (from 1 day) as well as long-term solutions.
  • For Europe-wide rental.
  • Is 24/7 available.

AQ-Rent is a response to the increasing demand in the market for A-quality rental equipment. Rental company AQ-Rent works closely with KOKS Group and operates from the KOKS Group head office in Alkmaar. That’s why AQ-Rent is able to benefit from all the facilities, know-how and strengths of KOKS Group and its subsidiary companies. AQ-Rent is the answer to your demand for AdeQuate rental equipment for all kinds of cleaning operations. AQ not only symbolizes AdeQuate, but also A-Quality... the best of us, for you!

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