"Reliable equipment and motivated employees are decisive for the success of challenging cleaning projects!"

Customer case - Contract Resources - Abu Dhabi

customer case koks cyclovac contract resources abu dhabi

Customer story of Contract Resources


Rhein Britz is Regional Industrial Services Manager at Contact Resources in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. He gained his experience in industrial cleaning at Mourik SA, Vector Services, Wasteman group and then AYTB KSA - in the Middle East.

Contract Resources and KOKS have been doing business for quite some time. The cooperation started with the branch in Australia. On this basis, contact with Contract Resources in Abu Dhabi was quickly established. Two KOKS CycloVac Pro vacuum trucks with cyclone separator have already been shipped to the United Arab Emirates.

Rhein Britz: “I have been with Contract Resources since 2016, but I already knew KOKS since I was General Manager at AYTB in Saudi Arabia. There I was the first one from the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council), a cooperation council of the Arabian Gulf states, who bought a KOKS vehicle. And good experiences stay with you and brought along.… ”

customer case koks cyclovac rhein britz contract resources abu dhabi

''For our 24/7 deployment in the aluminum industry, we are not only looking for reliable and multifunctional equipment, but it must also be easy to operate and simple to maintain."

Experience with KOKS


Rhein Britz: “I got to know the KOKS company at my former employer in Saudi Arabia. At that time, we were the first in our region to buy KOKS vacuum trucks from the Netherlands. That was a long time ago and since then KOKS has grown into a world player. You take good contacts and experiences with you, which always come in handy later. That became clear at Contact Resources in Abu Dhabi.

What I like is that the accessible culture of the family business has always continued, despite the growth of KOKS. The lines are short and the management and staff are always available. That good, personal contact and the solid products create confidence.”

customer case contract resources abu dhabi experience koks cyclovac
customer case contract resources abu dhabi specialist maintenance industry koks cyclovac

Maintenance services for complete factories


Contact Resources was founded in 1989, the same year in which the KOKS company was established. There are now several branches in Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East. All Contract Resources teams provide the general and specialized maintenance services required throughout the factory sites.

Contract Resources started with industrial companies tackling jobs no one wanted to do and were considered too tough. Every effort was made to achieve the cleaning results customers required. Furthermore, Contract Resources was always working on ways to do the jobs better, safer and faster. A year after its founding, New Zealand Refining Company's first mega job had to be carried out, which immediately became one of the largest oil refinery replacement projects in the world. More assignments followed and this is still one of Contract Resources' many satisfied customers.


Vacuum trucks operate efficiently and safely


Contract Resources has a large and long-term contract with an aluminum refinery, for which reliable and powerful equipment is very important. The two KOKS CycloVacs are designed for suctioning dry substances all day long. This duo is also very suitable for the so-called "wet jobs".

In addition to being efficient, equipment for use in hazardous environments must above all be safe. These vehicles meet all safety requirements and are completely in line with the enormous commitment of Contract Resources for HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment, Quality).

customer case contract resources abu dhabi vacuum truck efficiently safely koks cyclovac
customer case contract resources abu dhabi koks cyclovac user friendly

User-friendly CycloVac runs 24/7


Rhein Britz: “Running 24/7 in the hot and dusty environment in Abu Dhabi requires a lot of the equipment. For us it’s very convenient that the CycloVac vacuum trucks are easy to operate and maintain.

Due to the continuous deployment of these units in shifts, a lot of employees have to be able to handle the trucks. Fortunately, that’s no problem with these user-friendly CycloVacs. Besides, the KOKS Middle East service department is always on call within the foreseeable future and capable, qualified and ready to keep our vehicles running.

Cooperation in future


We are very pleased to learn that our customer is very satisfied with the cooperation, the KOKS equipment supplied by us and the appropriate support. Of course we do our utmost to continue to live up to that confidence and have it lead to more beautiful things ... 

Rhein Britz said with a smile: “I am not married to KOKS, I also have an eye for other brands.” That's fine, it just keeps us alert!

customer case contract resources abu dhabi cooperation koks cyclovac
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About Contract Resources

Bedrijf: Contract Resources


Locatie: Abu Dhabi, Verenigde Arabische Emiraten


Type werkzaamheden:

  • Catalystwerkzaamheden;
  • Hydrostralen;
  • Tankreiniging;
  • Chemische reiniging;
  • Vacuümreingingswerkzaamheden.


KOKS Materieel 



Contract Resources Abu Dhabi en KOKS werken samen sinds 2018.

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