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Customer case - Industriewartung Süd Kurz - Germany

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The customer story of Industriewartung Süd Kurz

Sabrina Bethmann, managing director of Industriewartung Süd Kurz in Dormettingen, Germany, has been working in the family business since 1996. Her sister Ramona Kurz joined in 2005 and is responsible for project management.


The ladies belong to the second generation and draw on all the knowledge and experience that they and the founders of the family business have gained in all these years in the field of (industrial) high pressure cleaning and water treatment.


Sabrina: "The contact between IWS Kurz and KOKS was established a long time ago during a trade fair by our founders Kuno Kurz and Gerard Koks sr. Our company needed equipment quickly and KOKS helped us out very well. By now we are working with two KOKS EcoVac vacuum trucks, the last of which was delivered in February 2022."

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"We experience KOKS' professional and customer-oriented working method in their thinking along and listening carefully to our wishes, which results in a very good and suitable vehicle for our operations."

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Good experience with like-minded KOKS

After the first, good relationship in the past, between the founders of the companies, the cooperation has always continued.


"We recognize a lot of our company in KOKS Group. Apart from the fact that we are both family businesses, we also share an extremely customer oriented mentality. Thinking along with customers and their processes and listening carefully to their wishes in order to subsequently translate these into a tailor-made product or service... both companies take this very seriously and we pull out all the stops for that, resulting in satisfied and loyal customers.


For example, our first KOKS vehicle still meets our requirements very well. And a nice detail is that this one is still Dutch orange, or rather... KOKS orange", says Sabrina Bethmann.

IWS future-oriented with industrial maintenance

For over 30 years, Industriewartung Süd Kurz has been providing its customers with the best service in the field of industrial maintenance.


As a down-to-earth family business, and now with the second generation at the helm, the team prefers not to think in terms of problems, but always takes up the challenge of finding optimum solutions for customers. And the aim is always to further increase customer satisfaction by keeping the big picture and the future in mind.


Sabrina Bethmann: "Throughout our existence, we have been investing in the future. It all started with a 160 hp high pressure pump. Years later, we were one of the first companies in Germany to adopt a 700 hp high pressure pump for deployment at our customers' sites." 


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EcoVac best of its kind for our jobs

"After all these years of experience we very well know how the KOKS trucks function and how to use them optimally. And, to be honest, there is no better, faster and safer vacuum truck than the KOKS EcoVac for the work we carry out.


For example, during a job we had to vacuum up dirty product from a depth of 12 m and thanks to the powerful vacuum pump this was no problem at all for the EcoVac.


And at a water treatment plant, where the thick sludge and dredging had to be brought in from a depth of 7 m, the EcoVac's vacuum tank was filled in half an hour. With liquid substances, the 12 m3 tank was even filled in 7 minutes," says Ramona Kurz. "That's faster than fast!


"At your service"

Our KOKS Export Manager Jeffrey van Veen reports on his valued customer: "Recently I visited IWS in Dormettingen on a Thursday and they encountered some problems with the vacuum pump. On site and in cooperation with our service department, various attempts were made to solve the problem. Unfortunately without success.


The next day, on Friday, IWS had to drive to Düsseldorf in order to start a job there on Saturday. Fortunately, IWS was able to arrive at the location a little earlier, which gave our KOKS field service engineer enough time to get there as well and to inspect everything.


After a few hours the problem was solved and IWS was ready to start the next successful job the day after!

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KOKS vacuum body determines added value

The fact that our customer experiences working with KOKS equipment as unique and recognizes and appreciates the added value of our superstructures, makes us proud and satisfied.


We are looking forward to a valuable continuation of the cooperation and we would like to see them again in Alkmaar soon. We will definitely put aside some favourite croquettes for lunch!  😉

About Industriewartung Süd Kurz

Company: Industriewartung Süd Kurz


Location: Dormettingen, Germany


Type of operations:

  • Industrial cleaning and maintenance;
  • Cleaning and maintenance of sewage plants;
  • Sewer cleaning.


KOKS equipment



Industriewartung Süd Kurz and KOKS have been working together for over eight years.

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