"Just like KOKS, we want to be a trendsetter when it comes to working safely. And we effectuate that by means of the KOKS EcoVac vacuum tanker!"

Customer case - Mashhor Waste Management SDN BHD - Brunei

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Customer story of Mashhor Waste Management SDN BHD


Khairil Adli Bin Abdullah Capitan is Operation Executive at Mashhor Waste Management SDN BHD (MWM) in Brunei, part of Mashhor Group of Companies. With a wide variety of advanced equipment and skilled personnel, Mashhor Waste Management SDN BHD provides numerous cleaning services to its customers in industrial cleaning and waste processing, including Brunei Shell Petroleum and Brunei Methanol Company. Mashhor and KOKS have been doing business with each other since 2002 and during that time a number of vacuum tankers have already been shipped to Southeast Asia.



Khairil Adli Bin Abdullah Capitan: “On the advice of business partners and on the basis of good reviews from other customers, we took our chance with KOKS and we don’t regret it to this very day.

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''Favorite and distinctive characteristics of our KOKS vacuum tankers are the safety features. With these we definitely make a difference compared to our competitors. And for our operators it works easier, cleaner and safer. Everyone is comfortable with the use of KOKS equipment."

Experiences with KOKS according to Kamal Abdullah, business development executive

“In our search for new and safe cleaning equipment, our business partner Reym advised us to contact KOKS. The reviews and feedback from other users also made us curious at that time” says Kamal Abdullah.


Kamal Abdullah: “We were immediately enthusiastic, but noticed that it was difficult to get our KOKS machines on the market here. The innovative benefits were unknown here and that made it difficult for us to compete in the beginning. Then we invited KOKS specialists to give presentations in Brunei. That helped our customers enormously to understand the difference between a local vacuum tanker and a KOKS vacuum tanker.”



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Specialist in industrial cleaning and waste processing

Mashhor Waste Management SDN BHD (MWM) is a popular company, especially in East Malaysia, for among other things the oil and gas industry, petrochemicals, waste services and private cleaning companies. They use advanced vacuum and high pressure equipment for their jobs.


The mission of MWM and the entire Mashhor Group of Companies is to exceed the expectations of the customers with the most modern equipment and the best employees and thus contribute to the development of the company and the country.

Safety for everything and everyone

Khairil Adli Bin Abdullah Capitan: “The safety features on our KOKS vacuum tankers are the most important elements and these are very distinctive from local alternatives. We are willing to invest in that great safety advantage and in relation to our competitors. And that investment certainly is worthwhile.”


“To give an example… If the product in the vacuum tank reaches a level of 85%, an alarm will be triggered. This means our operator is able to judge the situation perfectly, so spills on the worksite will be prevented. At the same time, our tank system is protected. Safety at best for the user, environment, equipment and customer”, says Khairil Adli Bin Abdullah Capitan.


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customer case mashhor waste management ecovac vacuum tanker innovative reliable

KOKS EcoVac vacuum truck is innovative and reliable


In order to be the ideal partner for customers in industrial cleaning and waste processing, Mashhor only wants to work with the most advanced equipment.


As far as the vacuum truck concerns, Mashhor thinks this KOKS EcoVac is the most safe, reliable, powerful and user-friendly option in the market! With this vehicle they absolutely distinguish themselves in the market.


... "And with high-quality and reliable equipment, we can provide 24/7 service to our customers, without delays and major breakdowns."

Appreciation is mutual

It’s really great that our customers want to lead in terms of technology, safety and service, just like KOKS. We are pleased to learn that Mashhor is very satisfied with their equipment. We also received compliments about our prompt customer service, the low maintenance and long lifespan of the vehicles, the leading function of their type of activities and their contribution in advising the most suitable product.

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About Mashhor Waste Management SDN BHD (MWM)

Company: Mashhor Waste Management SDN BHD (MWM)

Location: Brunei

Type of operations: 

  • Industrial cleaning;
  • Waste processing;
  • Tank cleaning;
  • Transport of hazardous substances;
  • Pipe/tube cleaning;
  • Sewer cleaning;
  • Surface cleaning;
  • Concrete blasting.

KOKS equipment:


Mashhor Waste Management SDN BHD (MWM) and KOKS have been working together since 2002.

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