Mobile storage container 86 m³

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  • Maximum flexibility and mobility
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Optimum safety

The KOKS Tainer is a mobile storage container that is used for (temporarily) storing liquids and hazardous substances such as oils, chemicals, acids, coolant, waste water and liquid waste.

The KOKS Tainer has been designed to offer as large a container compartment as possible and incorporates the minimum amount of segments, panels and welds. The container areas where the floor and roof join the side walls are angled. The main advantage of this design is that it minimises the risk of leakage, eliminates inaccessible nooks and crannies, prevents cracks forming in the coating and contributes to container stiffness. The KOKS Tainer is constructed in accordance with all applicable safety standards.


With its large volume on a small footprint, the KOKS Tainer is the most efficient and safe solution for (temporary) on-site storage of liquids and hazardous substances. This mobile storage container is ideal for use in emergencies, cleaning and maintenance projects in refineries, (petro) chemical factories and power plants.


The KOKS Tainer offers maximum flexibility and greater on-site storage capacity. As a result, a vacuum truck can be deployed more efficiently. For the user, the KOKS Tainer is an innovative and cost-effective solution when a (temporary) storage facility for (hazardous) (fluid) substances is required.


The KOKS Tainer mobile storage container may optionally be equipped with a drip-tray.


  • Maximum flexibility and mobility.

  • Suitable for a large variety of (hazardous) (fluid) substances.

  • Optimum safety.

  • Very efficient due to thoughtfull design with a capacity of approx. 86,000 litres and the small footprint.

  • Easy to clean and maintain.

  • High quality, long service life and economical purchase price.

Designed and certified for

  • storage, separation of liquids and hazardous substances from refineries, chemical plants and other industries (no transportation).
  • monocoque chassis in combination with a kingpin and support leg.

Container compartment

approx. 86,000 litres at atmospheric pressure (not suitable for vacuum).
6 mm S235 carbon steel, strengthened with reinforcement profiles.
Surface finish
exterior blasted, metallized, coated with primer and industrial paint in one RAL colour as desired.
top; 2x DN 150 connection with threaded flanges.
front; 4x DN 150 connection at different heights.
floor; DN 150 with blind flange.
floor valve, DN 150 with butterfly valve with a Teflon seal.
angled edges (100 x 100 mm) at the joints between the side walls and the floor and roof.
access hatch, on one side, diameter 600 mm.
2 manholes on top of the storage container, diameter 600 mm.
level indicator on the left-hand side, consisting of a needle and a stainless steel float.
storage compartment for storing the drip-tray (option KT•01).
2 plastic storage boxes, 1,000 x 530 x 660 mm.


monocoque chassis.
Rear axle
10 tonne BPW axle.
air-spring bellows.
drum brakes.
Brake system
Wabco or equivalent.
Lighting system
Aspock or equivalent.
twin wheel, 275/70 R22.5.
support leg.
air bleed/vacuum safety.


By means of
hydrostatic leak test.
dye penetrant inspection of the welded joints, both longitudinal and around the periphery.
coating thickness report of the container exterior and interior.

Temperature limits

max. 50°C.
max. 65°C.


12,960 mm (total).
2,520 mm (total).
3,780 mm.
Transport height
3,980 mm.


Empty weight
approx. 14,600 kg.

Standard safety provisions

Consisting of:

  • fixed wide stairs.
  • antiskid coating to allow safe access to the container top.
  • upward hinged handrail to allow safe access to the container top.


Registration inspection
arranged by KOKS Group (only for The Netherlands; for other countries assistance will be rendered).
Instruction manual
consisting of operating/maintenance instructions, drawings and schedules.

*Resistance list available on request

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