High pressure unit - with hot water facility

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  • Fuel-saving
  • Low noise
  • Compact design and multifunctional usability

A KOKS high pressure-hot water cleaning unit (also called: high pressure unit with hot water facility), to be permanently installed in a container, box truck or on a trailer or semi-trailer, is suitable for (industrial) cleaning and jetting activities, cutting materials and roughening surfaces.

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A KOKS high pressure unit-hot water cleaning unit is perfect for high pressure cleaning of plant components, tanks, towers, vessels and pipes, concrete renovation, cutting steel and concrete, removing layers of paint, insulation, rust, etc. and pressure testing of systems. These activities are typical of the (petro)chemical industry, process engineering, the steel industry, power stations, waste incineration plants, the food processing industry and shipping.


A KOKS high pressure unit-hot water unit is multifunctional and can be used with both cold and hot water. The user benefits from optimum results, significant time savings and a huge reduction in costs.


A KOKS high pressure unit-hot water cleaning unit is available as stationary or mobile unit and can be equipped with a wide range of options and accessories that are appropriate for your needs and applications.


  • Multifunctional.

  • Shorter cleaning times.

  • Better cleaning results.

  • Can be used with both hot and cold water.

  • No additional auxiliary engine.

  • Lower maintenance costs.

  • Compact.

  • Environmentally friendly (only water is used, no chemicals required).

  • Easy KOKS control systems.

  • Built to the latest SIR environmental and safety standards.

  • High quality, long service life and economical purchase price.

  • Both small and big consumers.

Designed and certified for

  • assembly on a 3-axle, min. 500 HP chassis.
  • (industrial) cleaning and jetting activities, in combination with a counterflow heat exchanger, especially developed by KOKS.
  • according to EN 1829-1/2 : 2010.
  • PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) in accordance with 2014/68/EU standards.

High pressure pump

high pressure plunger pump.
Operating pressure
1.000 bar.
Rate of flow
139 l/min.
mechanical by means of 2 pneumatically operated couplings with V-belt transmission from the vehicle engine fly wheel PTO.
Pressure connection
1x big consumer 130 l/min., connected to the M36 connection.
2x gun operation 2x 20 l/min. (total 40 l/min.), adjustable by means of pressure/rotation control, connected to the 2x M24 connections.
2/2-way valve, full lift safety valve.
oil pressure lubrication by means of a separate drive (guaranteed lubrication).
single filter with filter bag, 10 μ.
2 MVV valves on behalf of 2-gun operation, excl. guns (refer to option).
frost protection.
short stainless steel piping with the necessary flexible connections.
booster pump.
electric connector terminal and steering cable.
Control box
by means of PLC control system with HMI display.

Flushing water tank

approx. 2 m3.
stainless steel.
min. level protection.

Burner - boiler

Bioler principle
overpressure - counter flow boiler.
Power output
max. 760 kW.
spark arrester.
Fuel tank
approx. 1,000 l, on the chassis.

Heat exchanger

Max. operating pressure
1,000 bar.
Max. water capacity
approx. 140 l/min.
Max. outlet temperature
Power output
725 kW.

Generator set

approx. 6,4 kVa.
230/400 V, 50 Hz.
spark arrester.


plywood walls, completed with edge profile on all sides.
polyester floor with antiskid.
2 rear doors.
2 side doors (1x left, 1x right).
various built-in 24 V LED ceiling lights.
aluminium stairs with hinged rear and removable sides.


approx. 9,800 mm, chassis-dependent.
approx. 2,500 mm.
approx. 3,700 mm.
Wheel base
approx. 4,900 mm + 1,350 mm, chassis-dependent.


Empty weight
approx. 20 tonnes.
Max. permissible weight
28 tonnes, depending on the regulations in the country of destination.

Standard safety provisions

Consisting of:

emergency stop and emergency stop reel.


rear bumper incl. light housings, side collision protection, lighting and marking.
Body inspection
arranged by KOKS Group.
Instruction manual
consisting of operating/maintenance instructions, drawings and schedules.

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