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KOKS Academy - Machine instruction course

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The theoretical part of the course consist out of understanding the manual and explaining the features of the vehicle/machine. The theoretical offers a perfect base for the practical part of the course.

The practical is given in a hands on approach in order to improve the technical knowledge of the vehicle/machine. Our instructors will train you how to use your vehicle/machine in the best way posible.

For who
The KOKS Academy offers instruction courses for specific vehicles and or machines. These courses are designed for operators of pressure vacuum and high pressure vehicles and or machines.

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Our KOKS Academy trainers are business experts

The machine instructor course is provided by well-trained instructors from the field. These business experts have gained their extensive (practical) experience in many international projects and are still working every day in the industrial cleaning branch.

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Personal attention

The machine instruction course is given to at least 4 and max. 10 participants, so the instructor can pay adequate personal attention to each attendant. Moreover, the interaction between the attendants of the different industrial organizations or different departments within organizations is experienced as instructive and pleasant.

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