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What is ultrasonic cleaning?

Ultrasonic cleaning is a very effective cleaning technique by means of sound waves. In an ultrasonic bath, sound waves create tens of thousands of air bubbles which penetrate everywhere without damaging the object. But these are not ordinary air bubbles. A bubble loaded with cleaning fluid will implode against a solid surface. As the bubbles implode, a powerful jet of liquid is formed, hitting the surfaces of the object to be cleaned with high pressures and temperatures. This acts like a brush and soaks the dirt from the object, without causing damage to the object. Objects which are difficult to clean, such as heat exchangers, carburetors, scaffolding materials and metal filters, can be cleaned excellently in an ultrasonic bath using ultrasonic technology.

Why ultrasonic cleaning?

Ultrasonic cleaning offers many advantages over manual cleaning. The major advantages of ultrasonic cleaning are:


  • Hard-to-clean objects, such as heat exchangers and filter packs, are very easy to clean in an ultrasonic bath;
  • Sustainable by creating less waste streams/substances;
  • Cleaning parts and objects which cannot be cleaned in a conventional way, making them ultimately recyclable;
  • The safety risk for the user, compared to for example high pressure cleaning, decreases considerably;
  • Downtime of the production line is reduced, because in some cases ultrasonic cleaning is faster than the usual way;
  • Higher cleaning efficiency because ultrasonic technique offers a much better and steady distribution of the cleaning power;
  • Longer deployment time of the cleaned parts and objects due to the better cleaning efficiency.

How does ultrasonic cleaning work?

Ultrasonic activity functions on the same principle as sound waves. Minuscule vacuum bubbles are formed, which touch all surfaces of the object to be cleaned. But these are not ordinary bubbles. An air bubble in a liquid charged with ultrasonic technology will implode against a solid surface. This effect is known as cavitation. Cavitation is the formation and destruction of water vapor bubbles in a boiling liquid as it travels through the pump. The vacuum bubbles implode, hitting the surfaces of the objects to be cleaned with high pressures and temperatures. This dynamic action separates the contaminants from all surfaces without causing damage to the object.

Which objects can be cleaned ultrasonically?

Ultrasonic cleaning systems can be spotted almost everywhere. Whether at a jewelry store or at a car dealership, there are ultrasonic cleaning devices for cleaning watches or engine blocks. Ultrasonic baths can be used for cleaning tools, instruments in the medical and dental sector, glasses, injectors and jewelry, among other things. At KOKS we have embraced this ultrasonic technique and scaled it up. Ultrasonic cleaning is thus also accessible and applicable for various heavy industries. The KOKS ultrasonic baths are extremely suitable for cleaning heavily polluted industrial objects and components such as: heat exchangers, filter packs, scaffolding material, valves or flame extinguishers.

Why opt for an ultrasonic cleaning bath?

Ultrasonic cleaning baths simply provide a better degree of cleaning in a shorter time frame! Hard-to-clean objects, such as heat exchangers, carburetors and metal filters, can be cleaned excellently with ultrasonic technology. In addition to a better and safer cleaning result, ultrasonic cleaning technique is also more effective than conventional cleaning methods in cleaning fragile components. So by means of ultrasonic cleaning, a much higher, more efficient and environmentally conscious cleaning result is achieved.

How to choose an ultrasonic cleaner?

Which ultrasonic bath is suitable depends on the parts intended to be cleaned. Our ultrasonic cleaners are suitable for cleaning systems such as heat exchangers of various sizes and scale, developed on an industrial level. KOKS offers 3 sizes of ultrasonic cleaning systems:


Where to buy an ultrasonic cleaning bath?

An ultrasonic cleaning bath can be bought at KOKS Group in different sizes. KOKS Group is manufacturer and supplier of ultrasonic cleaning baths and other industrial cleaning equipment. KOKS Group maintains very high quality standards throughout the world.

Where to rent an ultrasonic cleaning bath?

When temporary (additional) equipment is needed for cleaning jobs, it’s possible to rent ultrasonic cleaning baths. Ultrasonic cleaning baths are for rent at AQ-Rent in 3 different sizes. AQ-Rent offers the possibility to deploy (extra) ultrasonic cleaning baths when needed. AQ-Rent rents out ultrasonic cleaning units for 1 day and short and long periods.

KOKS Group is an international manufacturer and supplier of vacuum trucks and heavy industrial cleaning equipment, built in accordance with the latest PED, ADR (Ceoc), DOT 407/412 standards. Founded in 1989 and has since grown into a dynamic company that operates globally and consists of eight specialised subsidiaries in the USA, The Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia and participations in rental organizations that operate in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. As a growing, innovative, healthy and reliable company, KOKS Group has gained an excellent reputation in the (petro)chemical sector and other industries as a vacuum truck builder.

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