Vacuum unit - bag metering unit

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  • Suctioning, storing and bagging
  • Cyclone separation instead of filters
  • Placed in a 20 ft container frame with its own auxiliary engine

The KOKS CycloVac Cyclone Loader self-supporting air displacement, storage and bag metering unit (also called: vacuum unit) can be used without a chassis for suctioning, storing and bagging dry and hazardous materials, such as various kinds of catalyst, (roof) gravel, powders and fly ash. Specially developed for working with hazardous and contaminated substances, the unit is available in PED and or ATEX (Ex) (pump system) versions and built in accordance with all applicable safety standards.

The KOKS CycloVac Cyclone Loader consists of a vacuum unit and a silo. The product is suctioned into the silo within a closed system, consequently without any emissions, and is then dispensed into a big bag. The KOKS CycloVac Cyclone Loader can be equipped with a nitrogen cooling unit specifically for catalyst disposal. The Loader frame is based on a CSC approved, 20 ft container system for placement on a trailer, chassis or other transport system.

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The KOKS CycloVac Cyclone Loader is the perfect self-supporting air displacement, storage and bag metering unit for day-to-day suctioning, bagging and disposing of products in the (petro)chemical industry, construction industry, storage and transhipment companies, chemical industry and for all general industrial applications.


The powerful tri-lobe blower provides the KOKS CycloVac Cyclone Loader a very high suction capacity. In combination with the bagging system, large quantities of dry and hazardous materials, such as various kinds of catalyst, (roof) gravel, powders and fly ash can be metered into bags in a very short period of time and subsequently disposed of in sealed big bags, containers, etc. The user benefits from significant time savings and a huge reduction in cost.


The KOKS CycloVac Cyclone Loader self-supporting air displacement, storage and bag metering unit with cyclone separator can be equipped with a nitrogen cooling unit and/or various option kits that are appropriate for your needs and for industrial applications.


  • Easy to transport on a chassis, semitrailer or other transport system.

  • Easy control.

  • Suctioning, storing and bagging in a closed system (free of emission).

  • Can be used on a stand-alone basis with its own diesel engine drive.

  • Vacuum with 188 kW, suitable for 6” (DN 150) hoses, max 96% underpressure.

  • Self-cleaning cyclone separation always protects de cyclones from being polluted (patented).

  • Cyclone separation instead of filter separation, on behalf of: - lower maintenance costs. - lower resistance (no disruption by filter pollution). - more user-friendly suctioning of liquids.

  • Approved in accordance with PED.

  • High quality, long service life and economical purchase price.

  • Multifunctional by easy cleaning and exchange of the safety filters, various substances can successively be suctioned without pollution.

Designed and certified for

  • placement on a 20 ft container frame with integrated closed unit compartment.
  • suctioning and bagging dry substances, such as catalyst (pyrophoric) powders, ceramics, asbestos fibres and other contaminated and/or hazardous substances.
  • PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) in accordance with 2014/68/EU standards.

Cyclone separator tank

approx. 2.5 m³, excl. cyclone separating system.
stainless steel AISI 316 grade, material no. 1.4404.
by means of bagging.
by means of suctioning.
Tipping decive
hydraulically 90° tipping and 1,400 mm adjustable in height.
6” suction connection with an internal, removable, wear-resistant pipe, with its outlet opening faced downward over the width of the cyclone tank, incl. coupling as desired, with blind cap.
manhole Ø 600 mm.
conus shape labyrinth system, accessible from the manhole.
level detectors, to be placed at 3 levels (approx. 1.65/1.80/1.95 m³).

Cyclone separator device

2x 4 cyclones on behalf of separating particles.
separator tank with a vacuum return system, in combination with an air cleaning system (Air Shock System/return air-current) on behalf of cleaning the cyclones and filter elements.
cyclone - filter cleaning by means of a programmed 3 positions pulse time/interval switch, adjustable from the control panel.
level indicator (wet/dry) in the collecting receptacle.
air current separator system in the separator tank.
Safety filter
each cyclone is equipped with its own fine dust safety filter with a standard filter according to group E12 (EN 1822-1:2017) (class M).

Automatic discharge device

Consisting of
stainless steel dividing tank with discharge facility, consisting of a distributor with 2 pc. pneumatically operated flat bulk sliding valves DN 200, incl. all control valves and connections with couplings.
adjustable alternating switch.

Vacuum pump

tri-lobe blower.
Air displacement
188 kW, suitable for suctioning with 6” (DN 150) hoses.
Max. vacuum
approx. 240 kW diesel engine with driveshaft and V-belt transmission.
suctioning muffler with an additional safety filter, in accordance with group E12 (EN 1822-1:2017) (class M).
the complete piping outside the unit compartment is made of stainless steel.
sound insulated unit compartment with air ventilation grilles, integrated in the container frame.

Container frame

reinforced 20 ft container frame.
Corner casting
according to standard 20 ft ISO container frame.
Unit compartment
on behalf of the pump/engine combination, sound insulated, incl. access doors with ventilation grilles on both sides and at the front.
doors at the rear with removable reinforcement beam.

Diesel engine

On behalf of
vacuum pump drive.
Caterpillar C7.1 Stage 5 (option C9 Stage 3).
Power output
approx. 205 kW (279 Bhp).
Fuel tank
approx. 600 liter.
shut-down valve (Chalwyn).
compressor on behalf of the pneumatic system with air dryer.
exhaust system with spark arrester.


6,058 mm.
2,438 mm.
approx. 2,591 mm.


Empty weight
approx. 14.7 tonnes.

Standard safety provisions

Consisting of:

rupture disc, hose rupture safety valves on behalf of the tipping and extending cylinder, beacon light, emergency stop, repair cross beam, catwalk, earth reel, emergency stop reel, tipping protection and powder extinguisher. 


working light, operation from a stainless steel box with roll-down shutter.
painted with 2-component car paint in one standard RAL colour as desired.
Body inspection
arranged by KOKS Group.
Instruction manual
consisting of operating/maintenance instructions, drawings and schedules.

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