Return vapour cleaner

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  • Easy to connect
  • Ergonomic
  • Built to the latest environmental and safety standards

The KOKS mobile scrubber 4000, also referred to as a return vapour cleaner, may be connected to the vacuum pump exhaust connection of a vacuum - tank truck. The scrubber cleans, in 10-phases*, vapours - gases from the vacuum pump exhaust which are released when suctioning products using vacuum technology.


The KOKS mobile scrubber 4000 return vapour cleaner is perfect for suction activities in general industrial cleaning or for use in the (petro) chemical industry and in refineries. The cleaning principle of the gas scrubbing equipment on the KOKS mobile scrubber 4000 operates based on a 10-phase* system where the outgoing air from the vacuum pump is transported successively through a cleaning fluid (such as mineral oil, lye or demineralised water), a honeycomb grid, Raschig rings, an atomisation system and a labyrinth separation system. This results in thorough cleaning of the exhaust air from the vacuum pump in a 10-phase* scrubbing process. Depending on the vapours - gases to be cleaned, the cleaning phases may consist of the same or different cleaning agents. In addition to reducing harmful emissions, the KOKS scrubber is also used to reduce odour nuisance.


During suction and discharge activities, the vapours - gases are cleaned using the two washing tanks connected in series and a 10-phase* scrubbing process to produce a return vapour that is legally acceptable for both people and the environment.


The unit can be fitted with various option kits that are appropriate for your needs and for industrial applications.


  • Easy to connect.

  • Easy to transport with a reinforced semi-trailer.

  • Ergonomic.

  • Built to the latest environmental and safety standards.

  • High quality, long service life and economical purchase price.

Designed and certified for

  • connection to the pump exhaust of a vacuum/tank truck.
  • cleaning of liquid vapours.

Scrubber tanks

Number of scrubber tanks
2 pieces.
max. 600 litres of cleaning agent per phase.
stainless steel AISI 304 grade, material no. 14301.
approx. 4,000 m³/h.
Operating pressure
≤ 0.5 bar.
coupling type to be agreed in consultation, in combination with a flange connection, mounted as low as possible.
Base frame
mounted on a stainless steel subframe.
Air exhaust system
approx. 4,250 mm from the bottom side, through a manually operated hinged exhaust stack.
2 discharge tubs.
2 pall ring chambers, excl. pall rings.
2 inspection hatches that allow easy scrubber tank cleaning and replacement of the pall rings.
level detection for each tank.
cleaning agent drain.
2 labyrinth separators, incl. an inspection hatch for cleaning and/or replacement of the labyrinth separators.
2” filling connection for each tank.
2½” drain connection at the base of each tank.
Measurements points
at the inlet.
at the exhaust, as high as possible.
Sample-taking point
on each tank, exact position to be determined in consultation.


approx. 3,000 mm.
approx. 1,320 mm.
approx. 2,600 mm.


Empty weight
approx. 1,900 kg.

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