Gully emptier combi

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  • Ergonomic
  • Powerful suction force and flushing capacity
  • Equipped with tank in tank for better weight distribution

The KOKS gully emptier combi is suitable for emptying street gullies, sand catchers, sewage pumping stations and separators, and for flushing sewage wells, downpipes and sewers. With a powerful, extra high-pressure pump, the gully emptier combi is also suitable for cleaning sewer lines. The accompanying pivoting high-pressure reel is mounted on the rear door and houses 80 metres of high-pressure hose. In order to also reach long distances, the truck is equipped with a hydraulically-rotating tower with an arm that can pivot 340˚ and is extendable to 1,400 mm. The gully emptier combi uses the tank-in-tank principle, a 6 m3 inner tank (dirty water) and a 3 m3 outside tank (flushing water). The structure also consists of a sludge tank, a water ring vacuum pump and a high-pressure pump with a small hose reel for well pipes.


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The KOKS gully emptier combi is the perfect vehicle for daily sewer cleaning work to ensure proper drainage of waste and rainwater and prevent clogging and flooding. In addition to emptying, unblocking and cleaning of gullies, house connections, sewer lines and pumping stations, the gully emptier combi can also be used as a suction truck for removing oil, petrol, grease, sludge, sand, clay, cement and other harmful substances from separators.


The KOKS gully emptier combi is constructed from high-quality materials and components. This guarantees a long service life and contributes to the wide range of applications for the truck and its ease of use. The gully emptier combi is not only easy to use, it is also extremely safe because all the controls are placed on one side of the vehicle (the starboard side). The operator can stand on the pavement for all control operations, which ensures maximum safety and minimal (traffic) nuisance.


The KOKS gully emptier combi comes with various option kits to match your needs, applications and/or activities.


  • Easy control.

  • Multifunctional; vacuum, pressure, transport and cleaning.

  • Ergonomic.

  • Powerful suction force and flushing capacity (high-pressure pump).

  • Optimum balance between chassis with short wheelbase and maximum tank capacity.

  • Optimal weight distribution due to the central placement of the vacuum pump underneath the process water tank.

  • Maximum safety and minimum (traffic) nuisance due to all control operations being carried out from the pavement side of the truck.

  • Equipped with all the necessary safety features (traffic signs, flashing lights, etc.).

  • Good accessibility over a distance thanks to the hydraulically-rotating tower with pivoting and extendable arm.

  • Solid construction and components for high power and maximum payload.

  • Built to the latest environmental and safety standards.

  • High quality, long service life and economical purchase price.

  • Ergonomic and chassis-independent construction thanks to the multifunctional sub-frame.

Suitable and constructed

full vacuum and overpressure of 0.5 bar.
vacuum pump placed centrally under the process water tank for optimal weight distribution.
construction on a 2-axle, min. 320 hp chassis.
transportation of sewer sludge.

Combined sludge/flushing water tank

flushing water tank acts as a jacket around the sludge tank.
Total capacity
approx. 9,000 litres.
Sludge tank
inner tank.
Flushing water tank
outside tank.

Sludge tank

6,000 litres.
Corten-A steel, material number 1.8962.
Rear door
hydraulically-opening and locking.
Level control
via gauge glass.
via tipping and pressure.
via suction.
4” suction/discharge connections with ball valve.

Process water tank

cooling the water ring vacuum pump.
approx. 850 litres.
same as the sludge tank.

Vacuum pump

water ring.
2,200 m3/hour.
Max. vacuum
cyclone pot with filter.
Four-way valve
for suction and pressure.
hydraulic via engine/PTO distribution.

Outrigger arm

hydraulically-extendable to 1,400 mm and can pivot by approx. 340 ° by means of a heavy-duty slewing ring with worm drive.
on the well pipe.
spray pipe, fed by pump at 30 l/min and 25 bar.

Flushing water tank

high-pressure pump.
approx. 3,000 litres.
same as the sludge tank.
minimum level protection.

High-pressure pump

3-cylinder high-pressure plunger pump.
Working pressure
160 bars.
170 l/min.
mechanical from the gearbox PTO.
Pressure regulation
via a pneumatically-controlled overflow valve; working pressure is adjustable from control panel.
filter, fitted with shut-off valve.

High-pressure reel

140 ° pivoting, secured by pneumatic disc brake construction.
80 m ¾” high-pressure hose.
via a hydraulically-operated valve.

Standard safety features

safety valve, hose rupture protection for the rear door and tipping cylinder, rotating beacon, emergency stop, repair cross beam, crush protection and rear door safety lock.


work lamp, rear bumper, control box, hose container and tool box.
Noise level
in accordance with the applicable requirements, reduced by making use of a water ring pump and low operating speed.
Construction inspection
provided by KOKS Group.
Instruction books
consisting of manuals, drawings and diagrams.


approx 7,750 mm, depending on the chassis.
approx. 2,500 mm.
approx. 3,600 mm.
approx. 4,200 mm, depending on the chassis.


Empty weight
approx. 13.3 tonnes, depending on the chassis.
Max. authorised weight
19 tonnes, depending on the regulations in the country of destination and chosen chassis

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