Vacuum tanker with cyclone separator

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  • For solids and liquids
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Self-cleaning cyclone separation

The KOKS CycloVac Pro air displacement system with cyclone separator (also called: vacuum tanker with cyclone separator) is designed for heavy industrial applications and is suitable for suctioning, displacing (option), transporting and discharging dry, wet and hazardous substances, such as various types of catalyst, (roof) gravel, powders, fly ash and sludge. Specially developed for working with hazardous and contaminated substances, the system is available in PED, ASME, ADR (CEOC) and or ATEX (Ex) (pump system) versions and built in accordance with all applicable safety standards.

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The KOKS CycloVac Pro is the vacuum tanker for heavy duty suction, displacement and transportation activities in the construction and (petro) chemical industries and for all general industrial applications.


The powerful tri-lobe blower gives the KOKS CycloVac Pro vacuum tanker with cyclone separator a very high suction and displacement capacity, which makes it possible to process and transport large quantities of dry substances, liquids, gravel, sand, etc. in a very short time. The user benefits from significant time savings and a huge reduction in cost.


The KOKS CycloVac Pro vacuum tanker can be fitted with various option kits that are appropriate for your needs, for industrial applications and or for sewer cleaning activities.

Safety information

Safety information


  • Easy control.

  • Vacuum with 222 kW, suitable for 8” (DN 200) hoses, max 96% underpressure; blowing with 1,050 mbar overpressure.

  • Self-cleaning cyclone separation keeps the cyclones dust free at all times (patented).

  • Cyclone separation instead of filter separation on behalf of: - lower maintenance costs. - less resistance (no trouble by filter pollution). - more user-friendly suctioning of liquids.

  • Approved in accordance with ASME American type-approval - PED or ADR (CEOC) European type-approval.

  • Built to the latest environmental and safety standards.

  • Optimum balance between a chassis with a short wheelbase and maximum tank capacity.

  • Available as skid.

  • Ergonomic and chassis-dependent construction by means of a versatile auxiliary frame and an adjustable pump angle.

  • Blower is mounted in the middle of the chassis for a better load distribution.

  • Light construction provides a good load distribution and offers the possibility to be assembled on a 3-axle chassis with a large loading capacity.

  • High-quality, long life span and economically justified purchase price.

  • By easy cleaning and exchanging the safety filters, the machine is versatile and various products can be vacuumed up one after the other, without causing pollution.

Designed and certified for

  • assembly on a 3-axle, min 400 HP chassis.
  • suctioning, displacing (option), transporting and discharging dry, wet and hazardous substances, such as sludge, sand, (roof) gravel, fly ash, powders and various types of liquids.
  • PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) in accordance with 2014/68/EU directive.

Pressure vacuum tank

12 m³, excl. cyclone separator.
stainless steel AISI 316 grade, material no. 1.4404.
Rear door
hydraulically opening and bolting.
by means of tipping (45°) or air displacement.
by means of suctioning or through the manhole on top.
6” suction connection with coupling as desired, provided with an 8” elbow with exchangeable Hardox wear resistant plate.
6” discharge connection with coupling as desired, on the rear door (excluding quick-exchange system).
level detectors.

Cyclone separation system

2x 4 cyclones for separation of material particles.
separator tank with a vacuum return system in combination with an air cleaning system (air shock system/air return flow) on behalf of cleaning the cyclones and filter elements.
cyclone/filter cleaning by means of a programmed 3 phase pulse time interval switch, adjustable on the control panel.
level detector (wet/dry) in the collecting receptacle.
air flow separation system in the separator tank.
Safety filter
each cyclone is equipped with its own fine dust safety filter with a standard filter according to group E12 (EN 1822-1:2017) (class M).

Vacuum pump

tri-lobe blower.
Air displacement
222 kW, suitable for suctioning with 8” (DN 200) hoses.
Max. vacuum
Max. overpressure
1,050 mbar.
by means of a crank shaft and V-belt transmission from the fly wheel PTO.


approx. 9,400 mm.
approx. 2,500 mm.
approx. 3,950 mm, chassis-dependent.
approx. 4,500 mm (axle 1 - axle 2) + 1,400 mm, chassisdependent.


Empty weight
approx. 17.6 tonnes, chassis and version dependent.
Max. technical permissible weight
approx. 33 tonnes (combined with a 33 tonnes 6x4 chassis), depending on the regulations in the country of destination.

Standard safety provisions

Consisting of:

rupture disc, hose rupture safety valves on behalf of the rear door and tipping cylinder, beacon light, emergency stop, tip unbolting protection, repair cross beam, catwalk, rear door clamp protection, earth reel, emergency stop reel, rear door protection, tipping protection and powder extinguisher. 


working light, hydraulic rear bumper and stainless steel control box/coupling box/tool box.
Body inspection
arranged by KOKS Group.
Instruction manual
consisting of operating/maintenance instructions, drawings and schedules.

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