KOKS ECOSONIC - 7 meter vessel

Ultrasonic cleaning system

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  • (Waste)water savings
  • Higher and faster cleaning result
  • Low noise level

Our specialized, ultrasonic cleaning system simply provide a better clean in less time! Ultrasonic sound wave technology is by no means new - it is a tried and true process. KOKS has simply developed it on an industrial scale - one where we provide custom vessels to clean a.o. heat exchangers of various sizes and scales.

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The ultrasonic cleaning system is developed to generate a faster and higher cleaning level by means of ultrasonic power, in combination with specialized chemicals (degradable). Due to the microscopic level a perfect inner and outer penetration will be created.


Ultrasonic activity operates on similar principles to sound waves. As electrical energy is transferred to mechanical energy, it causes positive and negative pressure waves that generate microscopic bubbles that form on all surfaces throughout the component being cleaned. But these are no ordinary bubbles. The air bubbles in the fluid in ultrasonic cleaning equipment implode when they come into contact with a solid surface. This effect is known as cavitation. When the air bubbles implode, a powerful jet of fluid is created which comes into contact with the surfaces of the objects being cleaned at extremely high pressures and temperatures. This dynamic effect separates contaminants from all surfaces without damaging the object in any way. These micro-jet shock waves, combined with special ultrasonic cleaning solvents, remove bitumen, heavy oils, fats, lime scale deposits and other (chemical) waste products in refineries much faster and more thoroughly than conventional methods (high pressure, steam, mechanical and chemical cleaning).


  • (Waste) water savings.

  • Higher cleaning level.

  • Noise reduction.

  • Cleaning speed.

  • Safety level.

  • Environmental aspects.

  • Staff expenses savings.

  • Energy savings.

  • Maintenance costs savings.

  • Minimal damage to objects to be handled.

  • Easy control.

  • Suitable for 24/7 use.

  • Economy of space.

  • Minimal pollution on the cleaning location.

  • No disassembly during transport required.

  • To be transported in a 20 ft container.

EcoSonic 7

7 m vessel, usable dimensions 7.0 x 1.8 m (lxw).
all-stainless steel construction.
Total ultrasonic energy
max. 112 kW.

Suitable for

• cleaning parts, components and heat exchangers with state-of-the-art ultrasonic cavitation power.


Basic machine
40 ft frame.
container design (for certification refer to option KES•01 ).
cleaning vessel, length approx. 8 m.
electric control unit with climate control system.
Ultrasonic power
approx. 5.4 Watt per litre.
Ultrasonic technology
push-pull ultrasonic cavitation technology.
Transducer frequency
25 KHz.
Cleaning vessel
ultrasonic power 56x 2 kW = 112 kW.
EcoMove system
hydraulic movement system, for a better cleaning effect.
hydraulic lifting device.
lifting power 25 tonnes.
EcoSonic mode
3 cleaning stages, at 100%, 80% and 60%, in this mode the transducer power will randomly be switched for approx. 20% or 40% of the transducers, in order to realize a quicker cleaning process.
in this mode cleaning nonferrous metals, like aluminium (attention to the kind of applied detergent), copper and brass is also possible.
64 kW, electric.
temperature approx. 60-85°C, in combination with ultrasonic power.
Oil skimmer and separator
on behalf of removal of floating contaminants.
Overflow tank
on behalf of maintaining the right liquid level in the cleaning vessel, when objects will be placed.
for covering the cleaning tank top, manually operated.
Lifting frame
with V-construction, on behalf of stability during cleaning and lifting.
Overflow tank
with overflow pipe with shut-off valve and coupling as desired.
6 manually adjustable legs for system levelling.
on the left and right hand side.
incl. 2 removable stairs.
manually foldable.
complete with switches/relays and sensors.
remote control.
by means of a PLC.


Exterior and frame
stainless steel AISI 304 grade, material no. 1.4301.
stainless steel AISI 316 grade, material no. 1.4571.
Electric unit
stainless steel AISI 304 grade, material no. 1.4301.
stainless steel AISI 316 grade, material number 1.4571.
all stainless steel parts have been chemically treated and passivated.

Electrical system

Power supply
3x 400 V.
Connection voltage
190 kVA.
Control current
24 VDC.
Nominal power
275 A.
Heating power
64 kW.
Ultrasonic power
56x 2 kW = 112 kW.
Air conditioning
on behalf of the climate control system.

Dimensions, volumes and weights

12,192 mm.
2,438 mm.
max. 2,896 mm.
approx. 25,000 kg.
Inner dimension
approx. 8.0 x 2.0 m.
Usable dimensions
7.0 x 1.8 m.
Volume cleaning tank
25,000 l (liquid volume min. 21,500 l).
Volume overflow tank
approx. 3,000 l (liquid volume min. 1,600 l).
Required liquid
min. 23,100 l.
Secondary containment

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